Second Transnational Meeting, Aachen

Place: Bischöfliche Akademie - August Pieper Haus At the second transnational meeting of the Community Care - project, all partners have been presented.
The primary goals of the meeting were:

  • Evaluation of the work done so far and preparation for the next stage of the project
  • Reviewing the theoretical and practical aspects of curriculum development work

Related to the above goals, the following themes have been discussed:

  1. Title of modules on the basis of the main theoretical aspects of community development,
  2. Competences on the basis of the main challenges which were reflected in the good practices examples.

The title of the six moduls are:

  1. Theoretical aspects of Community Work
  2. Political Issues in Social Work with Communities
  3. Methodological Aspects of Community Development (Activation and Management, Skills)
  4. Organizational Aspects of Community Work: Means and Finances
  5. Issues in Community Development
  6. Role, Identity and Attitude of the Community Worker
  7. The future structure of the training:

The training will take 2 semesters and provide altogether 20 credits.

1/3 online and focus group work (blended course)

1/3 individual work of the students (field practice teachers)

1/3 practice: pilot field practice project at the 2nd semester